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  1. What are the rest of you waiting for? Don't waste another moment outside our precious Land, come now! Reply. ruth housman marshfield hills, ma February 14, To Herd & To Be Heard There are surely many Biblical references to sheep, and there is what is known as The Lord's Prayer. G-d as the ultimate shepherd.
  2. 3. "Blessed art Thou, 0 Lord our G‑d, King of the universe, creator of man." בּרוּךְ אתּה י-י א-להינו מלךְ העוֹלָם יוֹצר האָדם. 4. "Blessed art Thou, 0 Lord our G‑d, King of the universe who hast made man in His image, after his likeness, and bast prepared for him, out of his very self, a perpetual Author: Maurice Lamm.
  3. They wander in the desert and Ishmael almost dies of thirst, but G-d opens Hagar’s eyes and she sees a well of water and revives the boy. G-d promises Hagar that Ishmael’s descendents will become a great nation. The Rabbis disagree about whether Sarah was right or wrong in asking Abraham to banish Hagar and Ishmael. Some of them thought.
  4. On the Biblical calendar, the month of Cheshvan (חֶשְׁוָן) immediately follows the "holiday month" of Tishri, though it is sometimes called Mar-Cheshvan ("bitter Cheshvan") because there are no festivals during the month ("neither feast nor fast") and it marks the start of the cold and rainy season in Israel. The Torah records that God brought down the Flood that destroyed the world .
  5. Verse - Woe to the idol shepherd! rather, woe to the worthless shepherd! literally, shepherd of vanity, or nothingness, as Job , "physicians of no value."The LXX., recognizing that no special shepherd is signified, renders, Ω οἱ ποιμαίνοντες τὰ μάταια, "Alas for those who tend vanities!"St. Jerome, expounding the verse of antichrist, "O pastor, et idolum!".
  6. Such art works are narrative, figurative, and illustrative of the poor, oppressed, or those who live at the margins of society. The guiding spirit of Social Realism is a commitment to humanism. Ben Shahn brought together different forms of visual culture to break down the barrier between mass media and fine art.
  7. KARACHI, May 5: For most of her life, Rachel Joseph has fought for a place that may as well not exist. At 89, frail and almost destitute, Joseph lives in Ramaswamy as the sole surviving custodian.
  8. Resources of America. Resources of America () is a commissioned mural Ben Shahn completed for the Bronx Central Post Office in New York City. His companion Bernarda Bryson served as his assistant on the project. The New Deal Program's Treasury Section of Painting and Sculpture, whose purpose was to oversee the commission of the best art possible for new .
  9. 6 Then you combine the second letter of the first verse () which is yod (y), the second-to-last of the second verse (), which is lamed (l), and the second letter of the third verse () which is yod (y).The same sequence of progression is followed until all 72 Angelic names.

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