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  1. I want to return the value from a function called in a shell script. Perhaps I am missing the syntax. I tried using the global variables. But that is also not working. The code is: lockdir="somedir".
  2. These can be used within a shell script to change the flow of execution depending on the success or failure of commands executed. This was briefly introduced in Variables - Part II. Here we shall look in more detail in the available interpretations of exit codes. The return code of the subshell is the return code of the final command.
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  7. Via this page you can find contact details for most Shell offices and businesses around the world. For questions about Shell products, Shell businesses or Shell in your country, use the links in the tabs Regions/Markets or Shell Businesses.
  8. About Return. 01/03/; 3 minutes to read; In this article Short description. Exits the current scope, which can be a function, script, or script block. Long description. The return keyword exits a function, script, or script block. It can be used to exit a scope at a specific point, to return a value, or to indicate that the end of the scope.
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